Cities and counties thru out California are challenged to address obsolete downtown commercial corridors, tenant vacancy, and declining sales tax.

While these municipalities recognize the need to invigorate their communities they lack the retail expertise and design criteria needed which results in successful retail solutions.

A successful redesign of these declining city corridors into exciting multi- faceted retail and entertainment districts will create new tenant interest, establish a sense of place for the surrounding community and attract millennial workers and shoppers.

In order to accomplish this, RRER’s services may include, but not limited to, regional retail needs analysis, site redesign recommendations, redevelopment implementation strategies, and changes in land use, zoning and building code.

Examples of what RRER can do:

  • Identification of retail nodes- Nodes can be protected for continued retail use, while other non-node areas can be identified for residential or office redevelopment.
  • Zoning analysis to confirm zoning allows the proper height and density of residential/office or mixed use development.
  • Pragmatic input for General Plans and Specific Plans that sets development criteria in a manner conducive for retail and mixed use development.
  • Grocery store studies
  • Retail Vitality planning
  • Creation of Retail Strategies for Downtowns

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