Mixed use projects have become commonplace in California’s urban core, however, the retail component often suffers due to poor design which fails to recognize the specific elements retailers require to be successful.

RRER understands the critical elements in a mixed-use project design that will attract good national and local retailers. RRER will analyze retail supply and demand and recommend where and how much retail is appropriate. Our mission is to ensure that thru good planning, ground floor retail is leasable and profitable to ownership.

Examples of RRER’s services:

  • Identification of whether the mixed use site SHOULD have retail on the ground floor
  • Identification of the amount of retail that should be added in a trade area, and that can get leased.
  • Creation of a retail tenant mix for the mixed use project
  • Architectural and design guidelines for the placement and dimensions of the retail space.
  • Cost consultation for retail rents and tenant improvement allocation

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Mixed Use Consulting


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